Our Vision

Our Vision

Julie EdwardsJulie L. Edwards Marketing Consultation Services believes that working as outsourced consultants we can lend precious resources and insight to small and mid-sized businesses who are missing this expertise in their organizational tool-belt.  Our goal is to add value to your organization!

Core Values


Placing physical and emotional safety as a top priority
Protecting responsible communication
Maintaining a “Drug Free Zone”

Individual Accountability

Being responsible for one’s own actions
Giving timely feedback
Following through with commitments
View obstacles as opportunities
Be proactive


Listening for meaning
Being approachable
Challenging assumptions
Having open, clear, and concise communication
Expressing appreciation for work well done


Being trustworthy
Being honest at all levels


Learning to let go
Embracing change
Celebrating success
Open to continuous learning
Promoting innovation


Exceeding client expectations
Being a model for core values